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Engineered and manufactured in Espoo, Finland. BioGolfTee offers the most environmentally friendly aspects of injection moulded golf tees in the market.

Golf Coat Oy is a small company that is big on enduring, environmentally smart innovation. We have found the perfect balance between superior product quality and environmental intelligence.

Our mission is to provide a high quality product and simultaneously conserve our environment. The use of quickly renewing resources like wheat, corn and reed plants has made this possible.

We are proud of our industry renowned, award winning golf tees. We can print 4-colourĀ“s to the tee cup with 40.000 tee capacity a day and both sides of the shaft with black printing more than 250.000 tees a day. Below you can see some pictures of our production machinery.

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Regards, CEO Aki Kuivaniemi

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