BioGolfTee 49,90€ offer

 40,24 excl. VAT

To celebrate our partnership with Let Access Series, we offer 150 fully personalized 70mm BioGolfTees only 49,90€ with free shipping and no handling fees.

Let's put your favorite image to the cup and add your messages to the shaft. Order your own 100% personal + 100% biodegradable Biogolftees right now.

Personalization instructions. After choosing your tee color (please see sample picture for best results), add texts/upload image in fields below. 


Shaft printing

For shaft printing, please add texts. Maximum of 30 characters per side.

Cup printing

For cup printing, please upload your logo/image (we can work with all image file formats .jpg, .png, .pdf, .ai, etc).


Got any special info/wishes regarding printing? Please type them here.

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Fully customisable 70mm long biodegradable Biogolftee.


  • Biodegradable, tees are made out of renewable resources; wheat- and cornstarch
  • Different colors, choose your favorite; pink, red, yellow, blue, orange, green or white
  • Durable, tees are very resilient, possibility to play multiple rounds with one tee
  • Great feel, it’s easy to handle and custom made look gives you a mental boost
  • Re-usable packaging, no more spread out tees, open the bag, grab a Biogolftee and seal it
  • Fast production, tees take only 2 days to deliver after receiving material
  • Made in Finland, we value such things like precision, speed, quality, customer satisfaction and hard work

Note! Keep in mind the color of the tee when choosing your logo for cup printing. Black pictures work good with any colored tee, but with multicolored pictures, we prefer white tee. Please see sample pictures!

Also, when planning text for 2 sided shaft printing. We wan’t to remind you, that the maximum amount of characters per side is; 30 for 70mm tee and 25 for 52mm tee. Be creative, be efficient. Note!